❤️ We have been helping out at Rugby Brescia for the past year every day on a voluntary basis (an act of social responsibility towards the city of Brescia) directing, tutoring, and producing in the following areas:

– Marketing and Sales
– Public Relations
– Brand Identity
– Social media
– Tutoring, direction and team-building Adv team
– Press Office assistance
– Photography
– Graphic Design

🎯 Our goal was to make the Rugby Brescia project credible to the outside world. We can proudly say that our constant passion and experience have managed to bring back a certain pride to the historic brand.

There is still a long way to go! But a clear route has been set. Visit the site we produced and donated to the club to find out more:

📲 Call us now to find out more about the project at:
+ 39 347 1271745