Brand Identity

All the components related to a product, service, company, or person is “brand identity.” Brand identity is a separate category from brand image. Brand identity is the message the consumer receives from the bicycle,component, accessory or organization.

Whether the product is a person, image, or an item, consistency is needed in product leadership, marketing, support, and operation.

When a product, service offered or person’s image is damaged by a defective product, poor quality or reckless activity, a brand reputation management consultant may be needed to reconstruct and repair the damage.

Establishing and building a brand is simple compared to repairing and replacing a damaged brand or image.

When it comes to branding it’s not uncommon for companies to make mistakes that weaken their branding efforts.

Consistency in messaging is key when it comes to building your brand, but companies will often work to brand certain components really well, while forgetting other components such as their bike graphics, website, social media and corporate identity.

Your bicycles are your walking billboards, they not only represent the brand, but are what the brand stands for so that they can strongly reflect the messaging you are wanting to share.

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